Pain Relief Management


Cohesive Fascia Yoga integrates self-massage tools, essential oils, and meditation into and around yoga postures.

What is Cohesive Fascia Yoga?

CFY is designed to assist those with injuries or those simply wanting to gather strength. Explore the reservoir of self-healing capabilities through self care.
CFY incorporates the powerful and traditional yoga structures of (prana) breathwork, (asana) postures, and meditation contemplation without diluting the intention and work of yoga, which often falls away in modern yoga practices of the west.

CFY promotes self-healing the nervous system and other systems of the body by gently or more aggressively applying an array of concentrated techniques and modalities of eastern energetic derivative understanding of the structures of the energetic system, energy lines (also known as meridian lines, chakras, or other), and energy clearings. As we know, disease is caused by way of blockages. CFY assists in releasing these knots that are the victim of disease.

Benefits of CFY
Nourishment and healing of the muscular (muscles), skeletal (bones), integumentary (skin), circulatory (blood), energetic (ethereal body, spirit, aura).
Physical movements break up the scar tissue of the fascia (fabric of the body which binds us together so we don’t fall apart), movements unwind, compress, depress and flush unwanted toxins and debris from the systems. This gives back to the body a calm canvas of pain relief and flowing energy of optimism so you can plunge into life’s activities with joy and release.

Who can do CFY?
Anybody! Sessions are modified per clients needs and state of body and mind in the moment of the session.



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November 12, 2022