Afterglow Facelift Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Buccinal Intraoral massage included this a big industry movement you MUST EXPERIENCE!!!

This is a different approach to treating and lifting the gills, and eyes, and plump up the lips, and removing that scour. You’ll leave enlightened and fresh and new to face the world! Guaranteed ! Our signature applications of cupping, tools, and masterful manual techniques with hot stones essential oils, and more is the toolkit for success along with our truly unique and talented licensed massage therapists.

This week we are promoting the afterglow facelift treatment, which includes the Buccinal massage treatment that has become a gold standard in the “natural facelift world”. It also includes our signature small Medi cupping face drainage to sculpt and lift the eyes. It really is a just MUST EXPERIENCE MASSAGE! I am including my actual next-day results below! nevermind botox! try this first or as a preliminary treatment or cleanup for botox build-up! good for reducing crow’s feet and furrow lines in between the eyes!