These Techniques can be applied at home as a self-care regime that will inspire a youthful glow and general relaxation. Ask your practitioner for more information.

• Dry Skin Brushing- Increases circulation, promote preliminary lymphatic drainage and detoxification
• Essential Oils of Lemongrass Spearmint and Peppermint- Awakens the senses and soothe the tissues and muscles
• Heat application of Moist Heat Packs, Hot Stones Himalayan stones-Decompresses the nervous system.
• Massage Cupping-Increases circulation and lift and drain unwanted toxins and debris from our system increasing the functionality of our immune system
• Scraping- Increase circulation, clear stubborn muscular and fascia blockages

“Cohesive Therapist intent of compassion and care filter through all their Hands-on Work”

Detoxification Lymphatic Drainage
Combination of Dry Skin Brushing, Advanced Cupping Styles, Meridian Line work, Essential oils and special heat for tissue detoxification preparation for deeper modalities used in every session.
Massage Treatment Cupping Therapy
A medical form of cupping using machine operated suction cups. Decrease inflammation, Softens and hydrates tissue to prepare for deeper structural manipulations like deep tissue and trigger point therapy.

Ashi Ashiatsu Deep Barefoot Massage
Luxuriously deep pressure massage using the soft sole pads of the feet. Used to often replace deep tissue with broad dynamic single and double-footed strokes to treat large and small muscle structures of the back legs, arms, and feet.

Signature Modalities that make us Truly Unique
Cohesive Providers undergo vigorous training for our trademarked experience so you always get the best quality every time. Rejuvenation and relaxation are awakened by applying a gentle dry brush along the skin tissue to calm the nervous system, we then apply a combination signature Cohesive Rejuvenation Blend of lemongrass and spearmint concentrated therapeutic grade CPTG Doterra and Seed to Seal Young Living essential oils applied along the spine with rhythmic feather-like strokes followed by a moist heat pack to sink your senses into a state of deep and immediate relaxation of Ahhh…! The essential oils blend and heated therapies benefit the repair of damaged muscle and skin tissue, support lymphatic drainage, and flow.

Prepares tissue for deeper modalities for faster recovery from your session.
• Advanced Medi-Cupping
• Swedish Massage
• Deep Tissue
• Sastym Advanced medical scraping technique for rough chronic scar tissue and contouring body abilities
• Myofascial Release
• Sports Massage
• Thai Stretching
• Neuromuscular Trigger Point Therapy
• Cohesive Hot Stones black stones and Himalayan salt stones applied with good pressure and vigor to treat and detoxify muscle tensions
• Tuning Forks and Sound Healing for diffusing energetic stress and stubborn muscle and fascia holding patterns
• Ashi -Ashiatsu Barefoot Massage (Where available depending on the therapist.)
• Thai Massage (were available depending n therapist)
• Fascia Blasting `

This space is lovely and instantly soothing and the massage treatment by Gepina was amazing. I wouldn’t describe it as a relaxing massage as she combines all sorts of therapy into her technique so that it feels more like a serious treatment. I walked out of there feeling lighter and younger and with no pain anywhere from head to toe. I can’t wait to go back. ~ Janet K, Client

They do a very good job at making you feel Welcome. The owner is very personable and knowledgeable. Prices are comparable to other massage companies but you get much more from Cohesive Therapy Healing than just a normal Swedish massage, they have a great mix of Eastern and Western methods and modalities combined into a unique experience.

As an LMT I’ve been taking some one-on-one classes with Gepina Caterina. She knows her stuff! Her anatomy is spot on, and my skills have improved so much since I started learning from her. She puts a lot of emphasis on saving the therapist’s body, and she walks the walk by taking care of herself as well. The hot stonework and bodywork I’ve gotten from her have been amazing. She also talks through what she’s doing, so I always learn something new when she works on my body. She is compassionate, knowledgeable, loves what she does and It really shows in each session I’ve had with her! ~ Elizabeth Hartwig, Massage Therapist