“Let’s walk together in community, in healing, and in camaraderie, reclaiming your strength and your health, personal and uniquely you. Now anything “impossible” is possible.” ~ Gepina

Who Benefits from Cohesive Therapy
We believe everything ripples out into the world and that all we do matters. The key to igniting healing is self love, self care and self awareness. With self awareness we can be clear and present in the decisions in our life that moves us forward as a person. It raises us up in our community by standing as a healthy and strong citizen, mother to our children and contributor to society. As part of our mission to support women, Cohesive Therapy has healing modalities for:

  • Pre- and post partum
  • Surgical procedures
  • Auto accident recovery
  • Cancer recovery
  • Pelvic floor
  • Detoxification
  • Mental wellness
  • Natural sculpting and contouring
  • Covid and vaccine recovery
  • Overall women’s wellness and energy