Sustainable makes sense. the word almost getting over used in itself these days is so well worn like a piece of clothing that just feels so good! Because we are all finding that the way to happiness isn’t a pill, isn’t a quick fix or some overnight flubber buster, it is seriously time to pull back the curtain, peel back the layers, and face things well, we don’t really like to face. but let me tell you a really cool secret, those things you “don’t want to face, not only are they not that bad they hold the secrets to our success and happiness in so many ways!

So really healing and rejuvenation, glowing and flowing in the juices of life’s incredible awesomeness is actually more about showing up consistently on a daily bases that contributes to the bigger picture by working on the smaller things, this in turn feeds into the value and quality of living the life so we may live inside of  our dreams of and desire in real time that comes full circle in service to our community and families.