FYT - Fascia Yoga Therapy for OHM

Deepen your relationship with yourself, through breath movement and self Love. Drain the lymphatic system, awaken the mind and senses for a truly blissful experience of grounded rejuvenation and healing.



Primarily drains the Lymphatic system through breath movement and meditation. 

Strip all the tension out of the fascia which wraps around every part of our body and cells. 

Drive healthy blood flow and energy to every tissue of our body.

Explore the reservoir of self-healing capabilities.  

Incorporates the powerful and traditional yoga postures

Promotes relaxation

Gives nourishment and healing of the

muscular (muscles), skeletal (bones),

Integumentary (skin), circulatory (blood),

Energetic (ethereal body, spirit, aura).  Physical movements  break up the scar tissue of the

Fascia (fabric of the body which binds us together so we don’t fall apart), 

 FYT uses movements to unwind, compress, depress and flush unwanted toxins and debris from the systems.