Dr. Yusha Neuman

Freedom Of Movement Through Mind Body and Spirit Physical Therapy changes your Posture changes Your Life!

Dr.Yusha’s vision is to be a living role model and help her clientele live their healthiest lives. She believes in implementing healthy nutrition, corrective exercise, manual therapy, and combining both eastern and western modalities into her healing program.

Dr. Yusha now lives a very healthy lifestyle. Her story begins when she fell ill frequently in her high school years and decided to take an active approach towards a better lifestyle. She changed her dietary habits and began to exercise on a daily basis. She also learned to balance rest and play with work and immersing herself in nature. Her classmates found her inspiring and she was able to help them with physical injuries.

Yusha was inspired to enter into the field of physical therapy after studying how posture affects breathing capacity in a middle school science project from the Alexander Technique. Her father suggested physical therapy to her and she knew it was the path she wanted to pursue. In addition, growing up in her family, she was brought up with eastern medicine concepts and practiced taichi since the age of 4, acupressure, and herbal medicine. She also has a strong background in a variety of sports such as swimming, surfing, calisthenics, and hiking.

In her college years, she majored in Nutrition Sciences which gave her a good framework of the basics of healthy eating. She learned however that she must combine chinese medicine of eating proper foods according to season with western concepts.

She then went on to pursue her Doctorate in Physical Therapy and learned a variety of manual techniques, treating dizziness (vestibular), chronic headaches, trauma injuries, and using a variety of eastern and western modalities. Yusha also is a Corrective Exercise Specialist (CES), where she focuses on performing specific exercises to correct muscle imbalances.

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