My name is Dorene I have been a LMT for six years I graduated from Everest college here in Vancouver WA. I chose massage therapy after receiving my first massage I was blown away by the immediate healing and relief I felt from touch I knew this was what I wanted to do. my reason for working here at cohesive therapy is I believe in this healing practice. whenI started hereI knew very little about lymphatic drainage but then I learned how it is a huge contributor to pain and inflammation in the body so now I give every client lymphatic drainage to help them achieve a state of homeostasis fast.

Here at cohesive I have learned how to combine multiple modalities into one session and being able to determine which modalities would work best for each client. every body is different and I feel here at cohesive we truly honor that. My inspiration for life is my daughter and the example I am giving her is being a healer. healing is what I choose to contribute to this world for my self and others.

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