Continuing Education Courses

Cohesive Massage Therapy Course Module


Designed by Gepina Caterina LMT LMP 

Offered by request at this time.

Four courses four foundations of your practice. Offered to licensed massage therapists, physical therapists and acupuncturists.

CTLD-1 full day

Cohesive Therapy Lymphatic Drainage technique

Tissue preparation for deeper or lighter treatment modalities through a Artfully combined lymphatic drainage system of dry brushing special liniments and essential oils and cupping. 

CTDVD-1 full day

Cohesive Therapy Deep Versus Deep

Demystifying what is really deep and learn to go deep with lighter more profound therapies. Learn to feel and treat all the systems of the body with advanced trigger point therapy. 

CTSM-2 full days

Cohesive Therapy Stones Massage Technique

Use your stones not your thumbs and learn to make them a extension of yourselves. Learn to go deep with stones instead of your hands!

CTCT- 2 full days

Cohesive Treatment Cupping Technique

Pain away and prepare for lighter or deeper treatments with massage cupping.

Cohesive Care Practitioner Self-Care 

Use self-massage tools and exercises, infrared saunas, exercise meditation and nutrition for ultimate energy and health.