Continuing Education

Continuing Education Course for Healthcare Providers

Cohesive Massage deepens the techniques we already know and broadens them within our practice to better be well applied and rehearsed. 

Change your mind, change your body, change your pain, change your life.

Client takes responsibility for one’s own healing.

Therapist takes responsibility to facilitate the most beneficial massage possible.

Cohesive Massage therapists take good care of themselves. Through vigorous exercise meditation and yoga.

A therapist cannot facilitate deep healing in a client unless the therapist his or herself is deeply connected to their own truth and health.

Cohesive Massage therapy is based on modalities from all around the world, drawing from universal concepts, treatments and understandings.

Stress relief the the biggest factor of cohesive massage mental, physical and emotional aspects the our being are completely addressed leaving no stone unturned.


Cohesive Massage Therapy Course Module

Designed by Gepina Caterina LMT LMP

Four courses four foundations of your practice before or after you are in the field of massage. Offered at the Restorative Bonneville Hot Springs and UWS campus.



Cohesive Therapy Lymphatic Drainage technique

Tissue preparation for deeper or lighter treatment modalities through a Artfully combined lymphatic drainage system of dry brushing special liniments and essential oils and cupping. 



Cohesive Therapy Deep Versus Deep

Demystifying what is really deep and learn to go deep with lighter more profound therapies.



Cohesive Therapy Stones Massage Technique

Use your stones not your thumbs and learn to make them a extension of yourselves.



Cohesive Therapy Suction Relief Technique

Pain away and prepare for lighter or deeper treatments by decongesting toxic tissue.


Cohesive Care

Use self-massage tools and exercises, infrared saunas, exercise meditation and nutrition for ultimate energy and health. Without being overwhelmed or overworked. 15min full body foam roller lunch routine.

Included in all courses.


All Courses offer a full 1hour full body session that can be extended with the ability to also isolate each technique to relieve palliative and curable pathologies. The Cohesive Therapy style address the biggest barrier of bodywork tissue congestion first to allow the therapist to do his/her work properly and comfortable. 

The Big Baby

Adults are really just a bigger little baby and how in bodywork we are transcending the need for attention and affection through massage a healthy connection and therapeutic touch. Children are also adults in small bodies. However how important and nourishing demands to be respected and used still within a balance of diet nutrition mental health care and other forms of spiritual exercises that require silent still meditation and moving meditation such as yoga Thai Chi and other forms of spiritual in, these exercise forms may even include dance. The active form of self movements hold the tissue in place, without the active form of movement and chiropractic care and acupuncture, nutritional therapy etc inclusive in the Cohesive Therapy Module we are simply tapping the surface of our pain, therefore be mindful to see that your client is not becoming clingy and you are helping them move forward or maintain a comfortable lifestyle with massage and alternative and allopathic medicine and therapies. Cohesive Therapy evolves with time and upcoming modalities and is never limited in it self. Cohesive Therapy always serves the massage therapy student to be happy safe and comfortable in giving massage. With a sound and thorough education through well versed application Cohesive Therapy students graduate for the Academy with a confidence and developed intuition that allows for a joyous long lived pain free career. The Academy of Cohesive Therapy instills a joyous self-care psychology that sustains oneself forever. The Cohesive Therapy Academy considers us as human beings not human doings.