The Women Behind the Work

Gepina Caterina CEO President Owner and Creator of the cohesive therapy Center and Modalities. 

Dear Cohesive Family Welcome aboard, set your sails to align into the direction of your dreams and TRUST THE PROCESS.

I never thought I would be here today typing on my wellness center website while juggling my 5 year old toddler and hiring employees and being totally in love with the process of my work, bringing light into the eyes of our clients , giving them their first ah ha! IT was important to me that the detox methods I offered not only made  sense, but where things we could actually implement easily daily within the structures of our life not just around them. Because whoever “gets around ‘ to self care, you got to to get into it and to get into it self care needs to be  part of the fabric of your life and our family’s sphere of functional lifestyle. Where the balancing act is no longer just an act when it becomes an and experience we can honestly enjoy.

What is self care after all, anyway? 

Sustainable makes sense. the word almost getting over used in itself these days is so well worn like a piece of clothing that just feels so good! Because we are all finding that the way to happiness isn’t a pill, isn’t a quick fix or some overnight flubber buster, it is seriously time to pull back the curtain, peel back the layers, and face things well, we don’t really like to face. but let me tell you a really cool secret, those things you “don’t want to face, not only are they not that bad they hold the secrets to our success and happiness in so many ways! So really healing and rejuvenation, glowing and flowing in the juices of life’s incredible awesomeness is actually more about showing up consistently on a daily bases that contributes to the bigger picture by working on the smaller things, this in turn feeds into the value and quality of living the life so we may live inside of  our dreams of and desire in real time that comes full circle in service to our community and families.


My Mission 

My mission is clear, to change lives. 

The benefits of her simple get attainable practices pull from all doctrines of medicine and wellness eastern and western. Her open minded approach is ever evolving with the times and needs of an ever changing and developing world where we are simply just learning to live with more balance and peace so we can enjoy our family and friends and personal life on a deeper more meaningful fulfilling way.

Having suffered through and broken through physical chronic stress throughout the challenges of life Gepina has found a way all along the way to self heal the body over and over again. She believes science has proven her preceding intuitions enough that she has a deep faith and trust in God that gives us the tools and ability to clean our cells and change our life anytime right now, but we have to make that decision and be on board all the way for the subconscious mind to support deep therapeutic evolution of presence acceptance and love for oneself God and the World.

If The World is My Oyster, Then might

“I” be a Pearl? 

I believe evolving and healing from the rough things we go through are what make us Beautiful,
so next time somebody rubs you the wrong way, thank them their only bringing you closer to beautifying your life!”

Ms Caterina’s passion for comfort and pain relief and palliative care and recovery runs deep, Inspired when her mother was diagnosed with Breast cancer the experience created the seed and insight for The Cohesive Therapy Approach making the cornerstone of her profession a commitment of compassion and care.

She has studied internationally in South Africa, Thailand and the U.S. At the age of 16 she became certified with the Red Cross for Home care, and studied directly with Dr. Iqbal Badit from India in the practice of Indian Head Massage techniques learning to revitalize the brain spine and internal organs. And practiced this technique at Holistic fairs through out Cape Town, South Africa.

She Graduated from the Maui School of Therapeutic Massage at age of 19 and has since had extensive continuing education and been certified and well versed in Thai Massage, Lomi-Lomi, Hydrotherapy, Hot stones, Deep tissue, Advanced Medi-cupping, Advanced Ashiatsu Barefoot Massage, Neauromuscular Therapy, Sports Massage, Reflexology, Spa modalities, Essential oils and Self Care practices for clients.

Miss Caterina started her practice in Ashtanga Yoga and Vipassana in 2002 and has practiced Meditation for a decade and attends regular intensive yoga workshops with masters of Ashtanga and has sat and served nationally on numerous Vipassana silent meditation retreats.
Currently started practicing Romana Pilates with a certified teacher of Romana Pilates for two years.


Profound and Pivotal Influences of My Life

My Beloved Mommy Elaine Influenced me in profound ways introducing me to bodywork and the use of essential oils, crystal and energy work at a very young age. She regularly practiced bodywork on all her children from the day we where born. Her wise wisdom raised us through Rudolf Steiner schooling where alternative forms of learning are readily studied, painting drawing and dance a impeccable part of school from day one of kindegarden. Our home was a large lot of farmland overlooking the Atlantic ocean. Our play friends are animals, the nature is still my home place no matter where I go.

My Beloved sister Anjali is my Starship, my guiding voice and light for the vision of the Cohesive Center. Anjali exposed me to and supported me with pure love at all levels. Licensed massage therapist and Advanced John F Barnes MFR release therapist.  Anjali always acted as a guide in my life for everything introducing me to Bikram Yoga in Maui Hawaii, and later on Pahoa Ashtanga yoga shala on the Big Island of Hawaii. Anjali also introduced me to raw foods and live food nutrition. she found the Gerson clinic in Big Island Hawaii where I learned the depth of juicing and cleansing, that was a profound support my mom in her cancer process. Anjali worked at the clinic side by side Maya Baylac and inspired many patience with her love and food including our Mommy, where we took care of her together in alternating shifts in her final days, following the rigorous Gerson schedule of enemas and juicing with her.

Ms Caterina In 2000, Birthplace Cape Town south Africa 16years old at the beginning of her massage career just certified in Indian Head Massage with Dr.Iqbal Badit and began the journey working at Holistic Health fairs through Cape Town. My earrings and necklace in the picture are my first ever purchase through massage funds. I was very excited at 16!

Miss Caterina 2015 today I find that flowers and life come from absorbing all the good things that exist and transforming all the challenges into opportunities for growth, change and sharing. Love Your Therapist Gepina Caterina

Cohesive Therapy Practice is an amazing collaboration of time proven techniques that work with the human body to help create balance and health. Their team is a collection of highly skilled individuals who strive to offer the best care possible to their clients. I began my personal journey with Gepina over 7 years ago, by adding her into my health practice. Scheduling monthly appointments for treatments supported me while I was focusing on goals to improve my overall health.

Over the years I have had the opportunity to experience the full range of techniques that CTP offers, mixed with the care and experience of Gepina and care of their team I have to say that they deliver the best care that I have experienced. The personal care and attention to detail make for a truly great experience.

Tabitha Helms