Cohesive Fascia Yoga Your At Home Self-Care

Release ALL the tension of your day with basic breath and movement integrated with gentle restorative stretches and powerful self massage tools. These are one on one classes and group.Each class is customized to your level and needs.



 What is Cohesive Fascia Yoga?


Gain strength and reduce fatigue by reducing repetative stress injuries. 

Explore the reservoir of self-healing capabilities.  

Incorporates the powerful and traditional yoga structures of Breathing+Postures+Meditation and contemplation in a  modern yoga practices without diluting the practice of the East.

Promotes relaxation

Gives nourishment and healing of the muscular (muscles), skeletal (bones), integumentary (skin), circulatory (blood), energetic (ethereal body, spirit, aura).  Physical movements  break up the scar tissue of the fascia (fabric of the body which binds us together so we don’t fall apart),  movements unwind, compress, depress and flush unwanted toxins and debris from the systems. This gives back to the body a calm canvas of pain relief and flowing energy of optimism so you can plunge into life’s activities with joy and release.  

Learn Self Massage and Rejuvenation at Home


  • Mineral Bathing
  • Essential oils
  • Dry Skin Brushing
  • Fascia Yoga
  • Nutrition and Juicing
  • Positive Thinking
  • Journal
  • Life Planning