Whiplash Recovery Massage

Our dynamic program is above and beyond the best program available.

We treat the whole Body, 

A Truly Holistic Approach.

Holistic Auto Accident, Whiplash Recovery Programs

“Being a pain specialist is not just about seeing the pain,

 but seeing the person behind the pain and how it is affecting their entire life.”

​Cohesive clients say that through the Cohesive Therapy Program and Whiplash Network, their lives are even better than before the accident.

Auto Accidents and Whiplash

What you don’t know and need to know!

Whiplash can come on immediately, one day, or weeks after an accident and you won’t know until you suddenly have unmanageable migraines, difficulty focusing on normal daily activities, or even a loss of appetite and struggle with sleep.

There are so many of us who go, “I’m good” and head back to work when the vehicle is still in the shop. We think our body is “just fine,” but soon discover that’s not the case.

Any amount of pressure applied to your car causes a rebound effect on your body leading to scarring tissue trauma and spasms that slowly affect your ability to work and function as you did before your accident. No accident, even below 5 miles an hour, should be ignored.

A full-body review by a soft tissue therapist like a massage practitioner, chiropractor, or physical therapist is necessary to make sure that you’re not having negative effects after your car accident. Most people will maybe have a chiropractor crack them here or there and close their auto claim or not even open it. But years, decades down the road, unresolved tissue issues can lead to problems like fibromyalgia.

As a massage therapist who has practiced caring for auto accident clients, I know that no matter how big or small your accident the micro spasms, tissue damage, and even mental trauma must be cared for with a team of specialists.

 Family Auto Accident Care

We offer a family friendly environment to care for all ages of the whole family. Family often gets in car accidents together and everybody should be treated and at least assessed at any age.



Success Stories

I have had a wonderful experience with this clinic following an auto accident.
Rebecca T.