About Us

We offer Massage, Acupuncture & Physical Therapy

Why Cohesive Wellness Therapies?

We are Bridging the gap between Eastern and Western Medicine

Changing the way we manage and care for our Health

Through \\ Preventive Wellness Treatments
Massage, Therapy Acupuncture, Physical therapy, Reflexology, Essential oils, Infrared sauna.,
Cohesive Therapy is ​Integrating with Hospitals and other Wellness centers to find a common ground. Getting people off or reduced medications that have more side effects than good effects. We are meeting our clients where they are at, and holding their hand through the process.
​We are teaching and reaching individuals who are not yet enlightened to a path of health and healing
that will liberate and enlighten them to other avenues of healthcare.

Explain What a Cohesive Treatment is
​All the treatments are focused on light detoxification of the lymphatic system, treatments of the muscular skeletal and fascia layers, and energetic system through compassionate care by the provider.

The Cornerstone of Each Cohesive Wellness Treatment includes:

  • Dry Brushing
  • Blended Essential Oils
  • Massage Cupping
  • Hot Stones

We ​aim to Education and Empower our clients off the table.

Our Staff are Skilled and Experienced in their field and versed with extensive hands on training of the Cchesive Wellness Treatments